“The village feels like home and the people feel like family.”

Stuart John Cresswell

MEET THE PEOPLE OF SCHULL... Jacqueline McSweeney

Schull & The Mizen

Welcome to Schull

Set in the centre of an area of outstanding natural beauty, Schull is one of the finest villages in West Cork, Ireland – an idyllic place to stay or visit along the Wild Atlantic Way. The prevailing south-westerly winds come over more than 2000 miles of open sea and the air is marvellously clear and clean. The safe and welcoming harbour, the many islands off-shore and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, provide an excellent base for watersports. There is also tennis, pony trekking, a planetarium, fine restaurants, good accommodation, a boatyard, a weekly country market and a peninsula rich in archaeology and wildlife. It is wonderful country for walking and cycling and an excellent area for holidays, in winter and summer.


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Schull is located in West Cork - the far South-West of County Cork, Ireland - about 100km/60 miles south-west of Cork City. You can get to Schull from outside Ireland by sea ferries or air.


A Journey of Discovery

Experience the Wild Atlantic Way for yourself and plan the rest of your itinerary during your stay in Schull.


In January 2015 Cafe Cois Cuan (www.facebook.com/cafecoiscuan/) opened, it is the cafe with the best view in Schull! Kevin and Brittany have welcomed both locals and tourists with their cheerful hospitality and delicious home cooking. Brittany is originally from San Juan Island, WA, she met Kevin in Limerick where they were both studying.
1. They arrived in Schull because Brittany's mother had fallen in love with the area - an opportunity beckoned and they followed.
2. Their favourite view - a no-brainer! The view from the cafe! Kevin would like "Life on Mars" by Bowie while Brittany would insist on something by Simon & Garfunkel.
3. Kevin wished he had taken up cooking earlier and Brittany surfing.
4. If they ever have a spare moment Kevin would head to Hackett's for a pint and some conversation while Brittany would enjoy a walk along the foreshore to the Dog Hole.
5. Kevin is a Guinness man and his favourite pizza is ham, pineapple and jalepeno, while Brittany prefers Murphy's and as long as the pizza is gluten free she is happy.
6. When Kevin was 5 he wanted to be a soccer player and Brittany really, really wanted to be a forensic pathologist!
7. When asked what he wanted that he didn't already possess Kevin had to think long and hard "when you're content you want for nothing" in the end he says he'd love a home with a view and Brittany knew exactly what she wanted - a donkey.

Happy Birthday Cafe Cois Cuan! (www.schull.ie/where-to-eat/cafe-cois-cuan/)
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26th January, 2016  ·  

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The rest of West Cork is blanketed in fog but we had a beautiful sunrise - with little wind Roaring Water Bay was calm and silky under the pink sky. ... See MoreSee Less

16th January, 2016  ·  

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Lots of talk about the Irish invasion of the Oscars - but here in Schull we are used to this sort of thing. Funny to think that Lenny Abrahamson, who will be walking the red carpet next month in Los Angeles, was sitting on our own stage here in the Parish Hall last May during the Fastnet Film Festival. Congratulations to Mr Abrahamson and everyone involved in the production of the "Room". We cannot wait to see it! #LennyAbrahamson ... See MoreSee Less

14th January, 2016  ·  

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Many artists, writers and musicians call Schull home and on days like today you can understand why. Donagh Carey (www.donaghcarey.com/) is a local artist who exhibits locally, nationally and internationally, his latest oeuvre is inspired by his time spent on Skellig Michael. Here he is taking inspiration from something closer to home...Long Island and Cape Clear (photo; DC) ... See MoreSee Less

12th January, 2016  ·  

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Alex Ellis-Roswell (on.fb.me/22VBtN4) wandered into Schull like he has wandered into lots of little coastal villages - open to opportunities, open to suggestions and looking forward to meeting new people. In August 2014 he set off from Margate in the UK with the idea of walking clockwise around the coasts of the UK and Ireland in aid of RNLI. With his worldly possessions on his back his only rule is that he stay as close to the sea as possible! To date he has raised over £10,000 - bit.ly/1GwQDfc.
1. He is in Schull 'cause it's on the coast, on the way!'
2. His favourite view is looking back into Schull over the harbour and towards Mt Gabriel and he would love Bod Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind" in the background.
3. He wishes he had concentrated on languages at school - communicating with people is so vital.
4. When he was five he horrified his grandfather because he wanted to be a street sweeper or rubbish man "I just wanted to tidy everything up"
5. He is a Guinness man and his favourite pizza is pepperoni with extra peppers
6. He doesn't want to take even a tiny bit of Schull home with him - "leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories".
7. He is utterly content and wishes for nothing!
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11th January, 2016  ·  

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